If this is the answer what is the question?

The nature for Manos Apostolakis

Manos Apostolakis was born and lives in Heraklion Crete. With the art of painting he begun to deal since 2010 when he attended courses of painting and freehand drawing in the workshop of applied art «Artion» with professor the architect Vasilis Vasileiadis. Before that he had studied in Larisa Project Management, and what we can easily see is that he wasn’t so fond to continue it.
The almost self-taught Manos Apostolakis can show us easily that when there is passion and talent for art you can create your own way and draw your own special path that has nothing to envy from other artists. Thick oil touches, beautiful designs, blurred landscapes and nature everywhere.


  • Besides art, what else do you do?
In my immediate plans for 2016 is to launch the operation of my silkscreen workshop.
  • What is art for you?
A common means of expression for all cultures around the world, without borders or barriers. A universal language.
  • Which are the materials that you use?
Oil, acrylic, watercolors and charcoal.
  • What is the element that you distinguish in your own works, how you would describe them?
I study in particular the Impressionism. In my works, someone usually sees a mood for deformation of the subjects which aims to create movement.
  • How would you like your creative space to be?
For my creative space I choose nature. She is composing and I impress.
  • Who or what influences and inspires you?
I am influenced by anything that intrigues my interest.
  • What is your favorite piece of your work?
It is very difficult to pick a particular work. The works that I could describe as favorites are the ones that helped me to understand more painting.
  • What kind of work would you like to have created?
Fishermen at Sea by Turner

William Turner – Fishermen at Sea

  • Who is your favorite artist?
So many. Some of them are Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Turner and Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh

  • What is the Greek element in your art (if any)?
Perhaps my experiences, my memories, the environment in which I live are reflected in my work. That doesn’t mean that there is a certain Greek element in them.
Thank you Manos!
You can see more of his work on his site.

Editing: Eleftheria Vonaparti – Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou



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