The realism of Konstantinos Kyrtis


Konstantinos Kyrtis was born in Nicosia and studied painting and drawing at Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD), California, USA.
His work was influenced, as he admits, by the techniques and concepts of the era of Baroque and realism of the 19th century. He adapts his works wonderfully in today’s artistic aesthetics, but also in contemporary reality.
In his art, people dominate. Faces of our everyday life who watch us with an expressive, wet and live look, reflecting a zest of an intelligent mind or a kindness of a smile.
Harlequins and jesters, kings and queens, hidden under masks, play and challenge us in a dark and strange world.
And when you think that all the players are confined indoors, he creates us the sea. A sea intensely blue and transparent, shimmering in the rays of the sun and ripping slightly in the movements of the swimmer.
His works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Cyprus, USA and Britain and his work is awarded.

Thank you Konstantinos!
You can see more of his project on Instagram.

Editing: Eleftheria Vonaparti – Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou



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