Bag is geometry- Nefeli Myrtidi


Nefeli Myrtidi was born and raised in Athens. She has a degree from the Theatre Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts AUTH, specializing in stage design, costume design and lighting. In 2010 she has created in Athens the brand «neufmir», for bags and accessories, which was renamed «neu» and later emerged collaborations with the Benaki Museum and some other shops in Athens. Since 2010 she lives and works in Berlin as bags designer and stage designer.
Nefeli is a talented and imaginative creator in everything she does. Her bags are characterized by geometry. She makes circles, many circles, sometimes she squares them or at least she tries to, some other times she creates deformed quadrangular or even bags that are worn as cloth. She uses all materials, without exaggeration. From felt, leather, plastic, expanding her action in paper dresses.
  • What is bag design for you?

Drawing elements from performance art and dance, design derives from the need to create a relationship between human body, the object and their overall relationship with space and the environment.


  • What is this different you have in your own creations compared to other designers?
Each designer has by definition a different way to perceive and filter multifarious impulses until compose and implement an idea.
  • Who is your favorite designer?
There are a lot who inspire me. Lately, I like very much the work of Valesca Jasso Collado.

Valeska Jasso Collado

  • How much time do you spend on creating a bag?
Creating a bag has multiple output levels.
Basic idea and concept are the most time-consuming becuase what I want to present as a final image is far more a sense and a different way of thinking and not so much the product as material. On a practical level I dedicate much time at the study and construction experiments, so an idea could be immediately applicable.
The third level concerns the research of materials and suppliers.
Finally very important parts are production and organization. All the above levels can last months.
  • From your bags, is there one in which you have a predilection?
The Jacket bag as it operates in a polymorphic constant dialogue with the human body and its movements.
  • Which other designers handbag would you like to have created?
At times motley artists’ projects create a rich inspiration basis. An example is Donatella Barbieri who investigates the part Costume & Performance.
  • What is your favorite material?
I like working with smooth, stable and waterproof materials such as leatherette.
  • What are the difficulties in manufacturing a bag, but also in the promotion of it?
The final product is the result of an ethical productive process at all levels (fair trade). This specific mode of production makes a product more expensive and more complex to the promotion.
  • What makes you feel proud of your work so far?
The joy I feel when an idea has been created by me and someone else wants to take a part of it to his everyday life.
  • One word for the next bag you are designing

Photographer: Raphael Fischer Dieskau

Model: Meron Hagos

Art Director: Nefeli Myrtidi

Thank you Nefeli!

You can see more of bags on her site.


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