The profound touches of Kathryn Kaiser


Kathryn Kaiser is a multifaceted artist. She says that if she can not be expressed through her creations, then she only expresses a tiny part of herself. She studied interior design and her work has received numerous awards.


She has received scholarships at Alberta College of Art and The Banff School of Fine Arts.

In painting she uses many materials. She uses charcoal and graphite to sketch human naked bodies …

Oil and acrylic for portraits and landscapes.


Through her paintings she reflects the crisis of our time but also human suffering of violent escape and refuge.


Therefore at the same time, she can relax us with portraits of wild and domestic animals.

Kathryn Kaiser resides in Ontario, Canada with her family and when she wants to make us smile, she «shoots» a painted selfie and shows it to us.


Thank you Kathryn Kaiser!

You can see more of her projects on her site and behance.

Editing: Eleftheria Vonaparti – Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou



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