The heroes of Lianne Moseley


Lianne Moseley paints, and she paints well! She mostly paints faces and what she needs as a meterial is human skin. It sounds somewhat strange or as a storyline from a thriller movie?
Let me explain! Lianne Moseley is a bodypainter, she draws representations on human bodies and faces.

Model: Kay Pike (Designer/ Model) MUA: Lianne Moseley Photo by Regeneration cosplay

She can make super heroes and make them as skary as she wants.

Photo: Steve Osmond Model: Ken Dove


Photo credit: J. Dirom Photography Model/ Shield: Ken Dove Pants: Val Dove Artist: Lianne Moseley Makeup Artist

If her desire is to scare us most, she paints large and sharp teeth, third eyes in various parts of the body, strange colors and let us imagine the stories behind them.
She sketches faces giving them a dimension of illustrated magazine, pointing with black lines specific angles and giving us the impression of a one-dimension painted in a sketch paper.

Model, Makeup, and Photography by Lianne Moseley


Model, Makeup, and Photography by Lianne Moseley


Lianne Moseley comes from Canada and is self-taught in body painting. She can transform every human body in any figure inspired by comic stories, or paint all over it current issues and beautiful designs.
You can see more of her impressive works on Instagram.
We thank her a lot for agreeing to present her.


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