The portraits of animals by Robert Bahou


My love for animals is known. I’ve seen countless photos with cute animals in good moments but also funny images «captured» at the right time. But the following photos are actually my precious ones. Robert Bahou from Amman, Jordan, is a photographer of animals, and not only (as you can see in his site), and has the capacity, as admits himself to his resume, to take  a shot of what it seems and also what he has in his mind. In the wonderful portraits of his animals, is reflected the character of each model. Delicious and vivid looks, nice lighting and amazing favorite faces!

If we would try to put humorous captions on the following pictures, it’s clear that our «models» would say something similar to this:



Come on, darling! Why do you play dump?



You want to play or want to tell you a little joke?



As sure as fate! Do you think I troll you?



Ok … you bored me stiff! I give you my good profile and get me a photo to get over with it!



Mmmmmm! I’m not sure. Let me think about it a little!



Will it take us long? I have laundry to do.



Hey! What’s going on down there?



I’m dj in the most famous club of Mykonos and in my free time I work on flights …



Come on dude! What a shame!



I was about to play some stocks in the stock exchange, but I was called in Dubai urgently and I left with my private jet.



And she told me to take a shower but I was bored and now she is in a sulk and I am too. Roll on!



Both eyes show? Μy mom told me to stand like this so both my eyes show.

Thanks Robert! You can sse more of his photos on his site.

Editing: Eleftheria Vonaparti – Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou



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