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Jack Long the liquid sculptur

[Gr] For Jack Long, the drop has artistic significance. Not only he likes overflowing glasses, but he chases the movement, color, the moment liquid will give it’s best profile for photography. The drop is a challenging model, and we must succeed «in the moment», and this moment can […]


Leonidas Vasilopoulos Chimera

[Gr] What is a chimera? A mythological monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a dragon’s tail. But for M. Karagatsis’ «Great Chimera» , we should be transferred to images of human situations that indicate immersive feelings, limitless passions and intense psychological processes. Leonidas Vasilopoulos’ photos […]


artis mulier... γυναίκα καλλιτέχνις

trips for friends

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Άνθρωποι και βουνά, βουνά και άνθρωποι


Χειροποίητες γλυκές gourmet δημιουργίες

The Fashion and Mind...Travel!

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